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健康工作環境讓員工更長壽Offering longer life to employees


Our health analytics for 2015 are out and the results are nothing short of staggering. They will forever change where you choose to work.
The largest health gains are with the likes of Lendlease, Haworth, Tishman Speyer, Glumac and Perkins + Will - having been some of the first to implement healthy building standards and track results. In 2015, staff working within these offices have gained an average of 6.3, 5.3, 4.9, 4.2 and 3.5 days of life respectively. 
收獲健康最多的是聯實 (Lendlease)、海沃氏 (Haworth)、鐵獅門 (Tishman Speyer)、Glumac和Perkins + Will這些率先執行健康建築標準並跟蹤結果的ag视讯平台网址⊙在2015年♤在以上ag视讯平台网址工作的員工壽命平均各增加了6.3天、5.3天、4.9天、4.2天和3.5天⊙
These numbers are even more eye-opening when projected over the entire year. For example, Perkins+Will's office and Haworth Shanghai’s new showroom have only been operational and tracking data since March 2015. Had they started in January of the same year they would have given 5.4 and 6.7 days of life to their employees, while Haworth's Beijing Showroom would have contributed a staggering 10.2 days over a full year. Other offices that stand out include PureLiving, Interface and MMoser who's measured and projected figures are 3.0 (4.6), 2.7 (4.2) and 2.4 (4.3) days of life gained per person.
當這些數據換算成整年的壽命增長天數時♤結果更令人震驚⊙比如Perkins+Will和Haworth上海新展廳從去年3月份開始跟蹤數據⊙如果從去年1月份開始計算♤員工將增加5.4天和6.7天的壽命⊙Haworth北京展廳結果尤為震驚♤如果計算2015年的整年數據♤則增加了10.2天壽命⊙其他收獲頗豐的ag视讯平台网址機構包括境純 (PureLiving)、英特飛 (Interface) 和穆氏設計 (MMoser)♤他們的衡量數據和整年換算的壽命增加量為3天 (4.6天)、2.7天(4.2天)和2.4天 (4.3天)⊙
Stop for a moment and let those figures sink in: staff working for Lendlease in 2015 will be living on average 6.3 days longer than if they had worked elsewhere. In fact, their Shanghai office has better air quality than what would typically be found in New York, L.A., or Singapore. That is inspirational.

These numbers are derived from continuous real-time tracking of indoor air quality data across multiple parameters. All projects followed the RESET standard in terms of defining the required performance of monitors, locations of installation, calibration etc. with the data being collected and analyzed within the QLEAR cloud. There, the data was run through an algorithm based on medical research conducted in Beijing - correlating the impact of PM2.5 on human health over a 4 year period. Although the algorithm was tested on dozens of projects within the QLEAR cloud, only those participating in the RESET program were included in the final review. The reason is simple: many projects achieve excellent PM2.5 results at the expense of other critical parameters, such as CO2 and TVOC. Although the health impact of CO2 and TVOC have not been factored in yet, only projects who met health standards across these parameters were included in the study, thereby ensuring that the net gain from the reduction in PM2.5 was not countered by ill effects from other parameters.
By all accounts, these figures are conservative. As mentioned above they do not yet factor in CO2, TVOC and other influencing factors such as light. This is already in the works. However, the numbers are already significant enough to change how we view our workspaces: offices are not passive, but rather active living systems that can take away from our health or add to it.
We often think or our bodies as temples but we are now beginning to understand that our 'temples' should be seen as living systems.
ag视讯平台网址經常將ag视讯平台网址的身體奉為廟宇♤但ag视讯平台网址現在才開始認識到ag视讯平台网址的廟宇 (和建築) 就是身體的延伸 (活的係統)⊙

As a consequence, gone are the days where employees choose workplaces based on salary alone. Now, choices are made on a cocktail of factors, most prominent of which is health and safety, as well as quality of life. We have even begun witnessing employees take lower paying jobs that provide healthier workplaces.
There are currently 100 people working within the Lendlease office. At an average of 6.3 days of life gained for each person, the total gain for the office is just over 1.7 years of life - achieved in just one year. Similar numbers could be derived for Tishman Speyer's campus which impacts hundreds more people, or Dulwich College Suzhou - the benchmark for high-performance schools in China - positively affecting children at a critical stage in their development.
現在聯實有100名員工⊙若每位員工增加6.3天的壽命♤那麽聯實辦公室在一年時間內總共延長了1.7年的壽命⊙同理可得鐵獅門園區♤那裏有上百名員工♤還有蘇州德威 (Dulwich) 英國國際學校——該校區是中國高性能室內空氣質量學校的基準——對處於關鍵發展期的孩子產生了積極影響⊙
Bringing it back to numbers, Lendlease's 1.7 year gain translates into a 70% ROI on life… a metric so transformative we can only begin to imagine the impact it will have on the workspace of the future.

Author /作者介紹
Raefer is an Architect and co-founder of GIGA , RESET, MATTER, ORIGIN, QLEAR and A00. / Raefer是一名建築師♤也是GIGA循綠、RESET、MATTER、ORIGIN、QLEAR和A00設計ag视讯平台网址的創始人⊙

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